About Us

White Lioness British Cattery is a WCF "World Cat Federation" Cattery based in Limpopo, South Africa. We breed from selected "World Champion" bloodlines. Our cats come in Silver or Silver Pointed and Golden or Golden Pointed colors!

We take pride in breeding British Shorthair cats in accordance to the

World Cat Federation standards.

Our British Shorthair cats are large, round and bulky. We select breeding cats with strong bone and excellent temperament!!

We can transport kittens across South Africa and also Internationally.

Adopting a kitten from us, means that you will become part of our family.

About the British Shorthair

Dignified, Intelligent, Affectionate!! This is a British Shorthair.


The British Shorthair is a study in roundness. He has a large round head, round eyes and rounded paws. Even his tail has a rounded tip. He was once known as the British Blue because he came only in that color, but these days his short, plush coat comes in many different colors and patterns, including Silver and Golden.

A British Shorthair is a dignified, intelligent and affectionate companion. He’s not generally a lapcat, but he will want to be at your side on the sofa or at least nearby. These laidback cats can get along well with dogs and are calm around children, but they don’t enjoy being hauled around. Teach children to treat them with respect.

The British Shorthair is big, but he shouldn’t be fat. Watch his food intake to make sure he doesn’t become obese. Encourage him to chase fishing-pole toys or peacock feathers for exercise.

Brush or comb the British Shorthair’s coat two or three times a week to keep loose hair at a minimum. This is generally a very clean breed. Trim the nails as needed and keep his ears clean.

The British Shorthair is well suited to any home with people who will love him. Keep him indoors to protect him from cars. The British Shorthair is a companion for life!!